Welcome to Crypto Bunnies

Collectible, Breedable, Cute Bunnies. Each bunny is 100% unique and owned by you.

Start collecting your bunnies.

Surprise yourself by Claiming your first adorable bunny free you pay for ETH transaction fees, subsequent bunnies cost 0.01 ETH. We are giving away free bunny as a promotion. This wont last long.

How to claim or buy a Bunny ?

You need to have MetaMask or Cypher Browser if using a mobile device. In your browser to buy and sell. Ether is the currency used, so make sure you have right amount of ETH in your wallet.

Make sure to save your MetaMask/Cypher login information and account recovery details!
We can’t help you regain access if you lose it

Set Name and description of your NEW Crypto Bunny

*Only 1 Bunny can be claimed free

*Buy from contract price is 0.01 ETH